While each situation is unique, Palisades generally seeks

  • businesses of “middle market” size (typically $50 - 500M revenues)
  • historical industry leaders
  • solid management (Palisades is comfortable making changes in senior management, but considers a generally sound management team to be a precondition of investment)
  • amicable ownership transitions (Palisades does not sponsor hostile changes of control)
  • any industry sector (Palisades often introduces veteran industry executives as directors or partners).

Palisades finds that its added value, and therefore its own investment return, is highest in a few characteristic situations:

  • attractive businesses hobbled by unrealistic leverage
  • historical leaders in industries that have been thrust into rapid change, making the previous business model unsustainable
  • in each of these situations, Palisades will acquire the company in a transaction which restructures debt as necessary and provides new capital to revise the business model.